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Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite (A7010)

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Externally, the Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite standard smartphone, without significant differences from their counterparts. The volume buttons and the inclusion on the right side, microUSB on the bottom, the headphone Jack is on top. Pleasantly pleased with the soft touch on the back panel of the white version, which was at us on testing, looks stylish, and while not dirty, not scratched and does not slip out of your hands.
Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite (A7010)
The cap is removed, under it are the battery, a slot for memory cards microSD and two slots for SIM-cards.

The touch buttons are located below the screen. If it’s more convenient on-screen buttons on the interface – a matter of taste, but what it highlighted was the failure. In daylight this is not so important, but in slightly darker conditions, you simply will not find – they are hardly visible even at minimum screen brightness.

On the back of the Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite apart from the usual peephole camera, flash and microphone noise reduction is the fingerprint scanner. Conveniently, it reads the fingerprint in the vertical and horizontal position of the smartphone. The speed and accuracy of response is not like the flagships, but far better than you expect from a cheap device.


Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite mounted display diagonal of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The pixel density is 401 ppi, the maximum brightness – 353 CD/m2, minimum – 17, the measured contrast is 1 to 1026. The picture looks very detailed and crisp, and even on close examination, you will not be able to consider individual pixels. Color reproduction and gamut, the smartphone quality, except that at maximum brightness the colors are a little prespecialty and burn out. If you like warmer shades or Vice versa is colder, Vibe X3 Lite, you can choose the scheme colors are displayed in the settings screen.


When you change the angles the picture is still juicy and contrast and the text is easy to read. Therefore make sure that what you read in the subway – the neighbor can easily spy. In the sun and indoors the brightness is enough to clearly see the image. But the minimum brightness is high, so be sure to use night mode – it helps a lot to read from a smartphone screen in the dark.

Vibe X3 Lite is marketed as a multimedia smartphone – great Full HD display is complemented by two frontal stereo speakers with power of 1.5 W with Dolby Atmos. The correct positioning of the speakers creates a stereo effect when watching movies, but at low frequencies it is not enough, so movies and you’ll be limited to – for music the bass is not enough. True quality smartphone perfectly compensates for the number of speakers is extremely loud, so a call you will hear even if the phone is in your bag.


Main camera Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite with a sensor of 13 megapixels makes good pictures in daylight or with flash, which is here very powerful. In the dark without flash do not advise to take – optics and sensor, not the aperture, and no stabilization system, so you will get a blurry picture with lots of noise. So when shooting at night, I recommend to think about a tripod or some kind of emphasis.

The camera interface is minimalistic, there are all the basic settings to squeeze out of the camera high. Special shooting modes preinstalled on the panoramic views.

Video is recorded in Full HD, without any additional settings.

“Photographers on the run” will appreciate the smart the quick launch the camera by double tap on the volume key. For 2 seconds the camera turns on and immediately takes a picture, so have time to catch birds in flight or particularly funny a cat sitting on the windowsill of a neighbor.
Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite (A7010)
Front camera Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite is listed as pyatimegapikselnaya, but the picture quality suggests that it is rather the module megapixel, software interpolated up to five face is rather blurred. But when photographing in the dark she could easily compete with others thanks to the backlight feature. So on the face drops more light and the picture becomes clearer, and unlike the flash – light is soft and diffused, so that does not hurt the eyes and makes the face flat and neatly shows a pattern of light and shadow.


Stuffing mediocre Vibe Lite X3 – MediaTek MT6753 with 2 GB of RAM do not claim to Ultrascroll. In games the situation was sad – Asfalt 8 at the maximum graphics settings showed the comics instead of a normal motion video. The details of the graphics even say no. So if you plan to play on this smartphone, you moderate your gaming fervor to Clash of clans or Angry birds.

With everyday tasks smartphone cope without panic, quite smoothly and fast loading application. You can switch between them, if you don’t include a power saving mode is stored in cache multiple applications not vigrahas, so you can even stopped the game to continue.

Internal memory in Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite 32 GB, if desired, is put the microSD card.


Out of the box on Board Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite is Android 5.1 Lollipop and proprietary shell Lenovo with a number of preinstalled applications, antivirus, audio player and a couple games. The system works perfectly, even though the processor here is not the most powerful. Working screens are scrolled smoothly, apps launch quickly, switch between them easily. In this respect, the work with the smartphone fully justifies the expectations for this price.

The fingerprint scanner works quite quickly and correctly. In addition to the function of unlocking the smartphone to the scanner added some useful features – take picture to instantly launch the camera and so on.


Feeds the smartphone battery capacity of 3300 mAh. With such characteristics, this is enough for one and a half to two days of work, or 15 hours of continuous work performance is very good for a modern smartphone.

There is a system of energy saving, which reduces the load on the CPU, clears cache and optimizes the energy cost of the display backlight.

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